November 23, 2017

Tiny Cube Stack

And because I loved to pile cubes when I was a child, I had to make them with one of my favorite designs with cute animals. The tiniest one ist a little bit tricky to make:)
Have a wonderful day

Tiny Post Offices


Have you played post office? I loved it! So I was happy when I found these vintage games and I made them with a tiny stamp, postmark, money and everything else you need:)
Have a wonderful day

November 20, 2017

Making of - Conjuring Tricks

Since days I'm working on a box for conjuring tricks:) The pattern for the box alone took a few hours. But I love to make my own patterns.
Then I have to spend time for a bit of woodturning and most of the time is for photoshopping all the prints. But I want a box for my own scene, because I still love conjuring tricks.

By the way - I changed the settings for comments! Heinrike told me, that it's really annoying to go through the security question. Perhaps you think so too. So I decided to check every comment (to delete spams), but it's more comfortable for you to communicate.
And it would be wonderful if you do so, because I'd love to know your favorite toys/games from your childhood.
Everyone who'll leave an answer has the chance to win a giveaway!
So write, write, write - please!!!:)))

Have a wonderful day

November 19, 2017

The Merry Game of Floundering

My friend Heinrike wanted to have a Miniature "Flunderspiel". It was one of her favorite games, when she was a child. And then I found  "The Merry Game of Floundering"  and made it too:)
Have a wonderful day

November 18, 2017

Vintage Lotto Game


I won the auction for this art nouveau Lotto Game (1st picture). It was in very bad condition and some plates were missing. The box was torn and I had very, very much to do, to make it in miniature. But the design is so nice and the pictures of the boards are beautiful. I made 5 of them and I won't make them again. So it's a limited addition. If I had made only one, it would be much to expensive.
Have a wonderful day

November 17, 2017

Link of the Day - Miniature Show in Mannheim
Georgia makes so wonderful and funny miniatures for witch scenes:)))
She'll be at the "Miniaturen Markt Mannheim" tomorrow. Also my best mini friend Heinrike with her "delicious" food - even in 1:24!!!

Have a wonderful day

November 16, 2017


Don't you think a house or garden needs a bell?:)
A few years ago I found these tiny ones. They're only 7mm high and have the perfect shape. So I had to make these decorated wall mounts. Some are a little bit witchy:)  - the black cat and the bat on the top of the right side.
The pigs and the cow could be perfect for a butcher..... I could make a lot of them - endless ideas for the "topping":)
Have a wonderful day

November 15, 2017

Wreath with Agate Slices


I'm looking into my boxes for the KDF. Because I can't afford to go to London any more, I can show you all the miniatures I've made:) This is my tiny wreath with "agate slices".
Have a wonderful day

November 14, 2017

Peter Rabbit Cube Puzzle

Now I start with a lot of cube puzzles. I loved them, when I was a child and I'm always looking for them at toys auctions.
But this one is a personal design, because I love Peter Rabbit and - as far as I know - there is no vintage puzzle with the characters of Beatrix Potter.
Have a wonderful day

Vintage Books

This is a post for Elizabeth (you know why:) ), but I hope all of you like the books. I love vintage books and that's why I collect covers. The problem is, that most of the time, there is no picture of the spine. So I have a lot of work to make them myself. The spine is what you see, when the book is in a shelf.... therefore (at least sometimes) it's more important than the front. I restore all the covers very carefully. So this is not just a work of "cut and glue":)

Have a wonderful day